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Premium recording has never been simpler.

The DP-311 recorder makes it very simple for absolutely anyone to get to grips with high-quality recordings: thanks to large easy-to-follow buttons and a choice of three recording modes for different recording situations that can be selected simply by rotating the mode dial.

In addition to the 2GB of built-in memory the SD card slot means that SD cards can also be used to conveniently store and transfer your recording data – just like cassette tapes. But unlike cassettes that gradually deteriorate the quality of sound recorded on SD cards is not affected by storage over time. Another major advantage is the very high capacity of SD cards despite their compact size so there’s no need to ever worry about running out of storage space.

The DP-311 offers excellent recording quality captured through its large low-noise wide-band microphone. The front-mounted speaker also lets you play back your recordings at a high volume of 200mW – making it particularly suitable for groups of people to listen together or for users with hearing difficulties.

The DP-311’s convenient and easy-to-use calendar search feature makes it quicker than ever to locate audio files by the specific date you save them to – whether that date is today a day in the past or in the future. Simply press the search button on the side of your device select the recording you want by clicking on the date and you can then listen to it there and then.

Information is displayed in larger characters on the DP-311’s 2.14-inch display so that everyone can read and operate the recorder with ease. You can manage your life’s schedule either in the form of recorded situations and conversations or audio memos as personal notes to yourself. You can assign these recordings to specific dates (such as the current date) then easily find manage and listen to them on the large and easy-to-read LCD display.

Recording format MP3
File type MP3
Compatible memory cards SD/ SDHC
Built-in microphone Mono Microphone
Display Full Dot Matrix Display
Display Screen Size 41 x 35.8 mm
Power supply 2 x AAA Batteries
DNS Software no
Interface no
Internal memory 2 GB
Weight 96 g
Dimensions W x D x H 105.5 x 19.7 x 53 mm
Warranty 2 Years
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