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Hama CS-499 PC Neckband Headset

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Sit back relax and pop on a pair of Hama CS-499 PC Headset. What can you hear? Nothing but the high-quality pure sound of your chosen music in its full audio glory.

A Whole Range of Possibilities!

Ideal and compatible with the majority of PCs and modern portable electronic devices possessing a 3.5mm jack socket (including iPods) this CS-499 PC Headset opens up an endless range of potential applications. In addition the headphones are extremely lightweight for ultra-portability so you can easily slip them into a bag carry them around your neck using the neck band and take them with you to listen to all your favourite tunes wherever you go or simply leave them on your desk for those hard core gaming sessions.

Guaranteed Hama Quality!

Great for gaming music speech programs VoiP etc the soft ear cushions allow you to enjoy fantastic audio quality in full comfort without inducing aching or sore ears after they have been worn for a while and the generous single sided cable will allow you extensive freedom of movement to ensure that you can position the headphones for optimum listening. Furthermore the black headset comes with cable remote control for convenient and continuous sound control. This makes this headset suitable for speech recognition interactive games video/tele conferences etc.

The headset featuring a super sensitive frequency range of 20-20000Hz with an impedance of 32 Ohms and a sensitivity of 108 dB this Hama CS-499 PC Headset guarantees you a high-quality audio experience that will leave you anything but disappointed.

Single-sided cable for comfortable wearing with no tangles
- Comfortable and optimal positioning thanks to the flexible microphone arm
- Cable remote control for convenient and continuous sound control
- Headset with neck band
- Padded earpads
- 3.5 mm jack plug for PC
- Suitable for speech recognition interactive games video/telephone conferences etc.

Type Gaming
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