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LG OLED65E8 - 65" OLED 4K Smart TV with ThinQ AI

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Self-emitting pixels

The LG OLED65E8PLA 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV can create the perfect black, so when watching the in the dark a black screen won't illuminate the room. The complete blackness will bring an extra level of scare to horror movies, sending even the hardiest viewer to seek cover behind the sofa. This is achieved by making each pixel individually lit, so they can be turned off individually. The Perfect Colour pixels also reproduce colour with a great deal of accuracy. What you see on screen will look just like the real thing.

Picture on Glass

The screen is bonded to a pane of glass, taking advantage of its transparency. The bottom of the screen is only glass, so it will look like the image is just hovering above the stand. This creates a distraction-less view that pulls you into the story and looks great in any room.

4K cinema HDR

HDR is the latest technological advance in TVs. Beyond just better resolution, which adds more pixels, HDR improves the colour quality of each pixel individually. This really makes colours pop out of the screen, so you'll think that lion really is jumping out at you. The LG 55E8PLA recognises the major HDR formats, so you always get top quality whatever you're watching. Switch merrily between Prime Video and UHD Blu-ray discs without any drop in quality.

ThinQ AI

Upgrade how you interact with your TV with ThinQ AI. You can use the Magic Remote's microphone, and ask the LG E8 to switch to a games console or to turn off when the current programme ends.

Smart TV

When you've just about managed to struggle home from work after a long Friday, sometimes you don't want to do anything more than fire up Netflix and watch the next few episodes of The Crown. The LG 65E8 uses webOS to give you easy access to apps, so you can press play and get watching in less time that it takes to get the wine open.

If you want Live TV, but hit a traffic jam and missed the latest ITV drama, you can use Freeview Play to go back to the program guide and stream it from there.

Dolby Atmos

Have you ever wanted to be standing alongside your favourite characters as they face down the bad guy? With the 3D sound created by Dolby Atmos, you'll hear everything just like you were right there. You're not just spectating any more – you're right there alongside the director, feeling the experience just as they intended.


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