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This Samsung WF70F5E5U4W/LE is packed with amazing innovative features. Features such as ecobubble. This creates soft bubbles by mixing water with detergent and air, so it gets to work on your clothing more effectively than the usal standard methods. This also means you can run a wash at just 15C and get 40C results  saving you money in the process.

There are also features like digital inverter motor. Having no brush, noise is reduced and less energy is used and its longer lasting than conventional motors.

The  WF70F5E5U4W/LEalso has vibration reduction technology that makes sure the drum is finely balanced. This too keeps noise to a minimum and keeps the machine in top condition for longer.


This washing machine WF70F5E5U4W/LE has a Motor with digital inverter has an innovative design brushless and uses magnets to guide the rotation of the drum. The new engine has less friction, which means less noise and vibration. Reduced friction and reduced wear and tear of working parts of the machine, h ence this machine last's longer .

Diamond drum

This machine has Advanced Diamond Drum shape of a drum which allows effective and gentle washing. Thanks to the diamond-shaped depressions in the laundry moves along a uniquely designed drum, while smaller holes to allow water flow to prevent interception and damaging substances. It takes care of clothing through technology that really can wash it in depth.

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